If you're looking for a special Valentine's Day gift, look no further than Valentines Bigfoot Squishmallows! These super soft and squishy toys are made from incredibly cozy polyester fiber and have a marshmallow-like texture that is pillow soft. Perfect for all ages, these adorable cuddly creatures will put a smile on any face this February 14th.

Not only are they the perfect Valentines gift, but they’re easy to care for too: they’re machine washable so you don’t have to worry about any messes. Whether you’re looking for something special for your kids, teens, or even an adult in your life, these plush toys are sure to make them feel extra loved this holiday season. With their furry exterior and wide selection of colors and sizes, Valentines Bigfoot Squishmallows are guaranteed to be the hit of the party!

Available in an additional size: 11 Inch Valentine's Day Caparinne The Bigfoot

If you're looking for a unique and fun way to add some pizzazz to Valentine's Day, then Caparinne the hot pink Bigfoot Squishmallow is here for you! Not only is she cute and cuddly, but she's also full of personality. Her fuzzy mane in multiple shades of pink will brighten up any room, plus her headband with sparkly pink hearts brings an extra bit of joy everywhere she goes.

She's big enough for plenty of hugs and snuggles, plus her white face, belly, and pale pink pads on her feet give her a special look that's sure to catch the eye. With Caparinne around, you'll never be bored - get one today and start having more fun!

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If you're looking for a unique and special gift this Valentine's Day, then look no further! Bigfoot Squishmallows are the perfect choice for the special someone in your life. The star of the show is Dobrilla, an adorable candy pink Squishmallow with a fuzzy pastel rainbow mane and long shaggy ears.

Dobrilla has a white face and belly as well as sparkly pink pads on her feet that are shaped like hearts. On top of that, she wears a bright pink headband with two antennae - each with a large sparkly pink heart at the end. As if that wasn't enough to make you love Dobrilla even more, she also loves to knit, play video games and go on scavenger hunts! Not only will adding one of these Squishmallows to your Valentine's Day gift list bring joy to your recipient. Suprise your Valentine with something a bit different and grab Dobrilla The Bigfoot today!

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Brina, a candy pink creature with a fuzzy pink mane and long shaggy ears. She has a white face and belly that has "Wild 4 U" embroidered on it with hears. Her black eyes have short lashes, with pink blush beneath them. She loves going on adventures and her favorite season is winter - making snowboarding her number one sport of choice! Whether you're looking to give your special someone something unique this Valentine's Day or just want to add another cuddly friend to your collection, the Valentines Bigfoot Squishmallows are the perfect gift!

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So, there you have it – the Best 3 Valentines Bigfoot Squishmallows on Amazon! If you’re looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift that is sure to please, then any of these Squishmallows would make the perfect choice. But don’t wait too long – they’re sure to sell out fast! So grab one of these must-have Valentines Squishmallows today.

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