Are you looking for the perfect gift for a Squishmallow enthusiast? Look no further than the new Squishmallow Trading Cards! These collectible cards are sure to delight any fan of these cute, furry creatures. Each pack includes up to 8 surprise trading cards featuring holographic foil, artist sketch, founder redemption, authentic relic, and more. Not only that but the collector may even find a founder redemption card granting them exclusive access to an exclusive Squishmallow.

With different types of cards available and varying packaging from one set to the next, there's something exciting in every pack. Thanks to exciting artwork, special cards, and an ever-changing range of collectibles, these trading cards make a great choice for any collector or hobbyist looking for something unique and special to add to their collections. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some Squishmallow Trading Cards today!

Available in a Pack of 2 (Up to 8 Cards Per Pack): Squishmallows Series 1 Trading Cards 2 Packs

Squishmallows Series 1 Trading Cards 3 Packs (Up to 8 Cards Per Pack)

Squishmallows Series 1 Trading Cards 4 Packs (Up to 8 Cards Per Pack)

Squishmallows Series 1 Trading Cards 6 Packs (Up to 8 Cards Per Pack)

These are official Squishmallow Trading Cards and each pack includes up to 8 cards. The number of cards and which cards you get per pack are random and may include holographic foil cards, artist sketch cards, founder redemption cards, authentic relic cards and other possible surprise cards.

These cards are great for any Squishmallow collector and the perfect addition to any Valentine's Day gift for a loved one or a super cool addition to an Easter basket. Start collecting Squishmallow Cards today and begin your search for one of the rare Founder Redemption Cards that can be redeemed for an Exclusive Squishmallow.

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These Squishmallow Trading Cards are a must have for any fan! With such a wide variety of cards to collect, there is something for everyone. So what are you waiting for add these as a Valentine's Day gift or to an Easter basket? Grab one of these must have Squishmallow Trading Card packs and get your collection started today!

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