Slow feeder dog bowls are the latest craze and a great way to keep your pup safe while they are eating.  Bloat is a condition that is extremely dangerous and can be lethal and a slow feed dog bowl can drastically help reduce this dangerous health problem.  

Worried about your dog's health?

A lot of people are unaware that when their dog is eating too fast it can lead to some serious health problems. That's why we've put together a list of the five best slow feeder bowls on the market. Not only will this help your dog eat more slowly, but it will also prevent bloat - a life-threatening condition.

Make sure your furry friend stays healthy and happy by purchasing a slow feed dog bowl today! They're affordable and easy to use, so there's no reason not to get one.

In this article, we will discuss five of the best slow feeder dog bowls on Amazon. We'll also provide a buyer's guide to help you choose the right one for your pet!

We hope you find your next great purchase from the list below!  Each product was independently selected by our editors, and some may have been sent as samples for us to play with. But all opinions in this article are ours- we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Oh yeah...and FYI-ChampionRatings might collect a share of sales commissions if you decide to buy one of these amazing products (at no additional cost to you and that's how we keep the lights on). Enjoy finding your next best in class product!

How We Choose The Best

Your dog eats too fast and you're worried about bloat and other health issues.

Not only is it dangerous for your dog to eat too fast, but it's also really messy and stressful trying to clean up after them.

A slow dog feeder bowl is the answer! These bowls are designed to regulate how fast your pup can eat, which in turn reduces the risk of health problems. Plus, they're a fun way to keep your pup stimulated and entertained while they eat.

We’ve read and reviewed thousands of amazon reviews to provide the best slow feeder bowls for your dog, saving you time and money. Slow feed dog bowls help regulate and slow down a dog from eating too fast. Check out our article on the top 5 slow dog feeder bowls on Amazon.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

Why It is a Must-Have

Best Rated for Durability

Does your dog eat faster than a race car? Keep dinnertime lively and reduce overeating behavior with Outward Hound's Fun Feeder Slo Bowl! This uniquely designed bowl features meal-lengthening ridges that can slow down your doggo's eating speed by up to ten times. Whether it’s a tiny chihuahua or an extra large labrador, the Fun Feeder has you covered - choose from different sizes and ridge patterns that can hold from ¾ cup of food to 4 cups of food and get them a bowl fit for their appetite.

And even better - this bowl is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals when you’re dining with your pup! Keeping Rover’s new favorite dish clean is also super easy - throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher for an effortless clean. So sloooow down doggo, ‘cause fast play during dinnertime isn't going to fly anymore!

Details You Need to Know

Outward Hound is dedicated to creating a better experience for both owners and pets. From slow feed dog bowls to toys and accessories, Outward Hound has your pet's needs covered. Their Slo Feeder Dog Bowl is particularly popular, with over 1 million sold worldwide. Not only is it durable and sturdy, but reviewers love its convenience for travel - no need to remove or assemble anything before you go on an adventure with your pup! Plus, there are plenty of color choices and patterns available so you can find the perfect slow feeder that's suited for your pup's size and needs. Experience the difference with Outward Hound!

NOYAL Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Why It is a Must-Have

Best Rated for Guarantee

Feed your pup in style with the NOYAL Slow Feeder Dog Bowl. This trendy bowl not only looks great but it's designed to help your pet eat a healthier diet. The bowl's interior has cleverly crafted ridges that lengthen meal times, helping to prevent indigestion and improve digestion. Not only that, but the clever design keeps food where it belongs! Its base is widened to make it harder for puppies to accidentally knock over their bowls (although we do hope they don't take their frustration out on it!).

Plus, four non-slip pads are included in the package to help keep things put. Ready for some mushy facts? This good-looking bowl can hold up to 1 1/2 cups of dry or wet food, while its diameter--6 1/2 inches--and height--1 7/8 inches-- make it perfect for small- and medium-sized dogs. It doesn't get any cuter than this! Show off your pet's sophisticated side by getting them a NOYAL Slow Feeder Dog Bowl today!

Details You Need to Know

Noyal is a pet product provider known for its focus on creating products that make life easier and more enjoyable for pet parents. Their Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, designed specifically with small to medium-sized dogs in mind, is an ideal example of this commitment. Those looking for great quality materials and exacting specifications are in luck - the slow feeder dog bowl dimensions clock in at 8" L x 8"W x 1.9"H, so you don't have to worry about it being too small or large for your pup's current needs. Commitment to the customer experience doesn't end with the sale - if you have any questions about Noyal's pet supplies or their slow feeder dog bowl specifically, Noyal welcomes consumers to contact them with ease. Furthermore, if you're not satisfied with your purchase from Noyal, they offer return and exchange services - so you can shop with peace of mind!

UPSKY Slow Feeder Small Dog Bowls

Why It is a Must-Have

Best Rated for Value

Are you worried that your pup is eating too quickly? With the UPSKY Slow Feeder Small Dog Bowls, your canine will have to take their time with mealtime - in the most stylish way. Their bowls are fantastic with raised parts separating the food, making digestion easier while they slowly work their way around it. Plus, they've got bright and bold colors to captivate your pup’s attention - no more boring bowls! And it couldn't be any easier to clean - PP coating helps make sure you can do it quickly.

Not only is all of this lightweight and easy to pick up with a mere 4.6-ounce weightiness – but getting this bowl is also a win for Mother Nature as the material is safe, non-toxic, and of course entirely recyclable. Get your pup ready for a gourmet eating experience every single day with the UPSKY Slow Feeder Small Dog Bowls!

Details You Need to Know

UPSKY is a professional pet supplies brand, founded in 2017 and dedicated to providing practical and innovative designs for pet owners of all kinds. Their slow feeder dog bowl is available in two sizes—the 7 by 7 inches bowl holds 2 cups of food, while the larger 9.3 by 7.3 inches bowl can hold 1-2 cups of food. Customers have the choice between three colors—blue, pink, and green—giving them lots of variety when it comes to style and design. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, consumers have praised UPSKY's Slow Feeder Small Dog Bowls for their sturdiness, affordability, and ease of cleaning, making them an attractive option for pet owners looking for a quality product that lasts. If you're looking for the best value-rated slow feeder small dog bowl for your pup, then look no further than UPSKY slow feeders!

JASGOOD Dog Feeder Slow Eating Pet Bowl

Why It is a Must-Have

Best Rated for Value and Durability

Introducing the JASGOOD Dog Feeder Slow Eating Pet Bowl – the smarter way to feed your pet! Too often, dogs inhale their meals, leading to possible indigestion, vomiting, and bloating. Thankfully, with their specially designed dog bowl, you can transition to a healthier and happier lifestyle. This fun puzzle design imitates the nature of wild dogs foraging and is made with food-safe high-strength PP materials that are both BPA-free and phthalate free. And no more worrying about slippage!

They've included four reduce-slip rubber feet on the bottom and a wide base to ensure it stays in one place while they eat. Plus, it's suitable for both wet and dry food, meaning any amount of food can go further – giving your pet the satisfaction of feeling full on smaller amounts of food. And don't worry about cleaning up – this bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe! So say goodbye to poor digestion and bloating – pick up your JASGOOD Dog Feeder Slow Eating Pet Bowl today for smarter meals with every bite!

Details You Need to Know

Founded in 2015, Jasgood stands out from other companies with its emphasis on high-quality products and lifetime service. Their Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is particularly popular amongst dog owners, available in both sizes (8” and 10”), allowing them to comfortably fit different pooch sizes. Additionally, it comes in various colors so discerning doggo owners can easily find the perfect hue or pattern to match their pup's personality. Furthermore, time and time again Jasgood dog feeder slow-eating pet bowls have been praised by customers for their value, durability, sturdiness, and lightweight - making them the ideal choice for all canine friends!

LE TAUCI Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Ceramic

Why It is a Must-Have

Best Rated for Sturdiness and Lifetime Guarantee

Are you tired of your pup scarfing down their dinner in a matter of seconds? Then the LE TAUCI Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Ceramic is here to save you and your pooch! The ceramic bowl can stand up to all the wear and tear your pup dishes out, as well as being strong and durable enough for a lifetime of delicious dinner sessions. Plus, it has a convenient non-slip base which will keep kibble (or whatever treats you whip up!) off the floor. If that isn't enough, it's easy to clean — making this bowl perfect for both pup and owner.

But wait, there's more: You can even microwave your dog's dinner right in the bowl! Talk about convenience. Finally, to add an extra bit of fun at mealtime, the LE TAUCI Slow Feeder Bowl design includes ridges and a maze pattern to slow down eating which will help change your pup’s overeating behavior through an enjoyable challenge. It's time to show Fido who's boss while still allowing them an exciting mealtime — get the LE TAUCI Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Ceramic today!

Details You Need to Know

The Le Tauci slow feeder dog bowl is designed to make it easier for pet parents to ensure their pup is eating a healthy diet. With a variety of sizes and colors, this bowl offers something for every pet. The medium-sized bowl, which holds 1½ cups of food, is ideal for medium-sized breeds. For larger breeds, the large slow feed bowl holds up to 3 cups of food. Customers have taken note of the durable ceramic materials used in these slow feeder dog bowls - reviewers commented that its sturdiness, durability, and easy cleaning make it an ideal choice no matter how aggressive a chewer your pup may be. For those more aggressive chewers who were

harder on a plastic food bowl, the ceramic option worked well. This slow feed bowl has everything you need to keep your pup well-fed - modern design, affordability, quality products, and attentive customer service!

Best Rated for Sturdiness and Lifetime Guarantee

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Slow Feeder Dog Bowls FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions about Slow Feeder Dog Bowls.

Are Slow Feeder Bowls Good for Dogs?

A slow feed dog bowl is good for dogs because they help to slow down the eating process, which can help to prevent bloating and vomiting. They are also good for dogs who tend to eat too fast because they will have to work a little harder to get their food, which will help to reduce overeating.

Do Dogs Need A Slow Feeder Bowl?

A slow feed bowl help dogs eat more slowly, and this can be helpful for a few reasons. For one, eating more slowly can help prevent bloat, which is a life-threatening condition in dogs. It can also help dogs lose weight or maintain their weight, and it's been shown to improve digestion.

Are Slow Feeders Frustrating for Dogs?

Slow feeders are not frustrating for dogs, they are beneficial. When dogs eat quickly, they can easily become sick because their food is not being properly digested. Additionally, when a dog eats quickly they are more likely to consume too much air, which will lead to digestive problems. A slow feeder dog bowl prevents these issues by making the dog take their time while eating. This also helps to prevent them from overeating and becoming overweight.

Do Slow Feeder Bowls Work?

A Slow Feed Dog Bowl is a great way to help your dog eat slower and have fewer incidents of bloat.

Bloat is a dangerous condition that can occur in dogs when they eat too much too quickly. The stomach expands and puts pressure on the other organs, which can lead to death. Slow Feed Bowls are designed to make it more difficult for dogs to gobble down their food, so they have to eat more slowly and give their stomach time to digest properly. This reduces the risk of bloat and makes for a healthier dog.

Can You Put Wet Dog Food in a Slow Feeder Bowl?

Yes, you can put wet dog food in a slow feeder bowl. A Slow feeder bowl is designed to make your dog eat more slowly, which can help reduce bloating and gas. It can also help your dog feel fuller after eating, which can help with weight control.

A slow feed dog bowl is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so be sure to choose one that is appropriate for your dog's size and breed. Some slow feeders are also designed to catch spills, which can make cleanup a breeze.

How do I know if my Dog Needs a Slow Feeder?

There are a few signs that can indicate whether or not your dog needs a slow feeder dog bowl. One sign is if your dog gobbles down their food too quickly. This can be dangerous, as it can lead to dogs eating too fast and subsequently vomiting or having stomachaches. Another sign is if you notice that your dog is starting to gain weight even though they're eating the same amount of food as before. A dog slow feeder bowl can help your dog eat more slowly and evenly, leading to less bloating and weight gain. If you're not sure whether your dog needs a slow feeder or not, it's always best to consult with your veterinarian.

Do Slow Feeders Prevent Bloat?

A dog slow feeder bowl is a great way to help prevent bloat in dogs. When dogs eat too fast, they often swallow a lot of air, which can lead to bloat. Slow Feeders help to slow down the dog's eating process, and this can help reduce the amount of air they swallow and help prevent bloat.

Does it Matter if my Dog Eats Fast?

There are several reasons why it might be better for your dog to eat slowly. For one, eating too fast can lead to indigestion and other stomach problems. It can also cause your dog to be overweight, as they will consume more calories if they eat too quickly.

A great way to help your dog slow down their eating is by using a slow feed dog bowl or a raised slow feeder bowl. These bowls have raised bumps or ridges that make it difficult for dogs to scoop up their food quickly. This encourages them to take smaller bites and chew their food more thoroughly, which can help reduce the incidence of stomach problems and weight gain.

How Do I Teach my Dog to Eat Slower?

There are a few things you can do to help your dog eat slower. One is to invest in a slow feeder dog bowl. These bowls have bumps and ridges that make it difficult for the dog to eat quickly. This will help him take his time with each bite and savor the flavor of his food. You can also try breaking up his meals into smaller portions throughout the day instead of giving him one large meal. This will also help him eat more slowly. And finally, be sure to praise your dog for eating their dog food slowly and discourage him from eating too quickly. Slow eating is good for both his digestion and his waistline!

Can Puppies Use Slow Feeder Bowls?

Yes, puppies can use a slow feeder bowl.

A slow feed bowl is designed to help dogs eat more slowly and to prevent them from eating too much too quickly. This is a good tool for puppies as it can help them to regulate their food intake and avoid overeating, which can lead to health problems such as obesity. A slow feed bowl is also helpful for dogs who tend to gulp down their dog food quickly, as this can cause them to choke or vomit.

If you decide to give your puppy a slow feeder bowl, be sure to supervise him while he is eating and remove the bowl once he has finished so that he does not become frustrated and try to eat too fast.

Are Plastic Slow Feeder Bowls Safe for my Dog?

There is some debate about whether or not a plastic slow feed dog bowl that is safe for dogs. Some people argue that the chemicals in the plastic can leach into the food and be harmful to dogs, while others say that the most slow feed bowls are perfectly safe. At this point, there is no definitive answer one way or the other.

If you are worried about your dog's safety, you may want to consider using a ceramic or a stainless steel bowl instead of a plastic one. These materials are less likely to leach harmful chemicals into the food. However, even a ceramic and a stainless steel bowl can pose a choking hazard if your dog eats too quickly, so it's important to still supervise your dog when he/she is eating their meal.

5 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls on Amazon

There you have it, our top 5 rated slow feeder dog bowls on Amazon. These selections have rated the best across multiple categories and have numerous consumer product reviews. We’ve spent hours reading hundreds of reviews on Amazon from verified customers to find the best slow feeder dog bowls that are guaranteed to offer the opportunity to slow down your dog’s eating, preventing the chances of bloat and other gastrointestinal problems that could harm your dog. Additionally, the variety of fun designs is sure to keep your dog stimulated and entertained, ensuring mealtimes are fun and safe.  Tap the check price on Amazon button and grab one of these 5 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Today!

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