Choosing the right way to walk your dog is a big decision. Go with the collar, and you’ll have friends asking why your pup seems to be walking you. But choose a harness, and you may feel like your pup isn’t getting enough freedom. So, which is better? Let’s break down the pros and cons of both so we can make an informed decision.

Harnesses Pros & Cons

The great thing about harnesses is that they put less strain on your pup’s neck if they pull too hard, making them much more comfortable for dogs to wear than collars are. Harnesses offer more control than collars because they distribute pressure across the dog’s chest instead of just their neck.

This makes them especially good for smaller dogs or those who tend to pull on the leash. Additionally, since harnesses go around the chest area, it is harder for a dog to slip out of them (bonus points for Houdini pups!). They also provide more support for older dogs with joint issues like arthritis or hip dysplasia.

The downside is that many dogs find them restrictive and uncomfortable in comparison to a collar, so even though it may be safer for them, they may not enjoy it as much. Leather dog harnesses are much more comfortable and last longer than your traditional nylon or neoprene harness making them a great aesthetic and affordable option.

Collar Pros & Cons

Collars are a classic staple when it comes to walking your pup. Collars may not provide as much control as harnesses do, but they are often a better option when it comes to identification tags.

Instead of having a tag hanging down from the middle of your pup’s back (which can be uncomfortable), tags can be easily attached to their collar and remain close to their head where they won't get in the way.

Collars are also very easy to take on and off, making them great if you are looking for convenience when taking your pup out for quick walks around the block. Finally, collars can provide an extra layer of safety if your dog ever gets lost—most people will look at their tag first before calling animal control or bringing them into a shelter.

Collars are one of the most popular options for walking dogs because they're easy to use and generally very comfortable (as long as they're properly fitted). Plus, they come in many different styles including fabric collars with cute patterns or leather collars with personalized tags—the possibilities are truly endless!

But before you buy that designer dog collar for your pup, take note that collars don't always provide as much control as harnesses do—especially when dealing with larger breeds who tend to pull quite hard while out on walks!

Collars also pose some potential risks. If your dog pulls while wearing a collar, the pressure can lead to neck and back injuries over time. On the other hand, collars provide more freedom of movement than harnesses do, meaning that you don't have to worry about feeling like you're keeping them restricted while on walks.

At the end of the day, it depends on how well behaved your pup is when it comes to pulling on their leash (or if there are any medical concerns). If you have an especially active pup who loves running around with no restraint then a collar might be best for providing enough freedom of movement.

However, if your pup has tendencies towards pulling then a harness might be the best option for providing extra security and comfort during walks.

Ultimately deciding which option is best requires careful consideration and consultation from experts such as veterinarians or trainers if needed—but no matter what you decide remember that safety is always paramount when it comes to our furry friends! Have fun out there!

When deciding between harnesses and collars, consider your pup’s size, strength, age, breed, temperament as well as any medical conditions he/she may have before making a final decision. Ultimately though, both options are great tools that will help you keep your furry friend safe while out on walks together!

The important thing is to choose one that has clear identification on the collar or harness and provides you enough control to keep your pup safe and also allows your pup to comfortably enjoy the outdoors.

It's also important to be safe but there isn't anything wrong with looking good while you are having fun on your walks. One of many options are Leather Dog Harnesses which are a great option for comfort, control and an eye-catching sleek look. Check out our recommendation for the Best 5 Leather Dog Harnesses on Amazon for some amazing options!