A snuffle mat is a great way to keep your dog entertained and exercised. It's also a great way to bond with your dog. Making a snuffle mat is easy and only takes a few minutes. All you need is some fabric, stuffing, and a sewing machine. Keep reading to learn how to make a snuffle mat for your dog.

What is a Snuffle Mat?

A snuffle mat is a type of mat that has fabric loops sticking up from it. The fabric loops are usually made out of fleece or another type of material that can be easily washed. The idea behind the snuffle mat is that it will mimic the feeling of grass for your dog. Dogs use their snout to smell around and find things, so having a mat full of different scents will keep them occupied for hours. Snuffle mats are also great because they can be used indoors or outdoors.

Materials Needed:

-A piece of fleece fabric at least 24x36 inches-if you use different colors it will definitely add a bit of pizzazz.

-A smaller piece of fleece fabric in a different color.
-A stuffing material, such as old clothes, towels, or blankets
-A sewing machine (or needle and thread)

Ruler or measuring tape
-Pen or pencil
-1 yard of ribbon

-The base of the mat can be fleece, t-shirt fabric or corduroy.

How to Make a Snuffle Mat

  1. Start by cutting strips of fleece into 2-inch wide strips. You will need about 20 strips of fleece for a small mat, and 40 strips for a large mat.
  2. Once you have all of your strips cut, tie them together in the middle with a double knot.  If you do decide to use a hot glue gun to glue the fabric pieces make sure that all dried glue is removed and all of the fleece strips are securely attached to the mat.
  3. Next, take one strip and tie it around the outside edge of the mat. Continue this process until all of the strips are tied around the edge of the mat.
  4. Once all of the strips are tied around the edge, begin stuffing the middle of the mat with stuffing until it is as full as you would like it to be.
  5. Once the mat is stuffed, tie off the end of the last strip so that no stuffing can escape.
  6. You can add triangles of additional fleece fabric to different sections and keep part of it open.  This will provide another area for your dog to search for hidden treats.
  7. Your snuffle mat is now complete! Test all of the fleece strips to make sure you cannot pull any of them loose- remember the thicker the fleece strips are the more difficult it will be for your pup to find those hidden treats.  Always supervise your pup with your home made snuffle mat or any store bought purchased one as well. Let your dog enjoy their new toy!

A snuffle mat is a great way to keep your dog entertained while giving them a chance to bond with you. Making a snuffle mat just takes a little bit of patience some planning and before you know it you will have your own snuffle mat. All you need is some fabric, stuffing, a bit of creativity and a sewing machine. Give it a try today!