Dogs are our best friends, and we want only the best for them. When it comes to treats, we want to make sure that what we're giving them is healthy and won't make them sick. Yes, cow ears are safe for dogs! In fact, they're a great alternative to store-bought rawhide and other dog chews, which are often made with low-quality ingredients and chalk full of preservatives. Recently, there's been some talk about whether or not cow ears are safe for dogs. Let's take a look at what experts have to say.

The biggest concern with cow ears is that they may be contaminated with E. coli or Salmonella. However, quality companies first wash the ears to remove these impurities, the treated ears are then dried and prepared for final packaging. In addition, most companies that sell cow ears for dogs cook the ears before packaging them, which helps to kill any bacteria that may be present.

Another concern is that cow ears are high in fat and calories, which could lead to weight gain in dogs. However, as long as you give your dog just one or two cow ears per week (in addition to their regular food), they should be fine.  Cow ears are a much safer alternative than rawhide as they are 100 percent digestible.  In fact, many dog owners find that their dogs love the taste of cow ears and view them as a special treat!

How to Safely Choose the Right Cow Ears for Your Dog

When choosing cow ears for your dog, it's important to pick a product that is made from 100% all natural ingredients with cow ears being the number 1 ingredient. You'll also want to choose a product that is low in fat, as too much fat can lead to weight gain in dogs. Avoid products that contain preservatives or added fillers, as these can be harmful to your dog's health.

If you're unsure of which product to choose or if your pup has any special dietary needs, ask your veterinarian for their recommendation. They will be able to help you select a product that is right for your dog's individual needs.

Cow ears are a great alternative to store-bought dog chews. They're 100% digestible, high quality ones are made with all natural ingredients, and low in fat. When feeding cow ears to your dog, start with small pieces and supervise them while they enjoy their treat.

So, are cow ears safe for dogs? The short answer is yes! Quality cow ears are sourced from farms where the animals are well-cared-for, cleaned properly, and cooked before being packaged.  They should always be given to your dog in moderation just like any other treat.  So go ahead and let your pup enjoy this delicious—and safe—treat!